YANA Kids’ Clutter Events

April 27, 2020

Thank you for your interest in the YANA Kids’ Clutter events!

YANA’s Kids’ Clutter events have been a wonderful source of fundraising support, teamwork, camaraderie and fantastic deals for many years. With the ease and availability of online swap & shop buying and selling opportunities, YANA had seen a decline in items sold and funds raised for some time. Although the financial support generated for YANA families through these events had declined, the substantial volunteer time and effort required to host the events remained high. This prompted our organizing committee to consider new, innovative ways to host Kids’ Clutter events that had the potential to both raise more money and to decrease the valuable volunteer time it required.

Many options were considered, and work began towards a new model for the events. Our current volunteer needs for our other successful fundraisers, the decreased demand for this type of event, and now limitations due to COVID-19 have prompted us to make a difficult decision.

YANA will be cancelling all YANA Kids’ Clutter events for the foreseeable future.

We are not closing the door to future opportunities for an event format that strikes a balance between fundraising success and the prudent use of volunteer resources. Our board is constantly working on strategic fundraising ventures that meet the ever-increasing need for YANA services in our community, and we are always open to welcoming enthusiastic, skilled, and able volunteers to help.

We would like to express our profound gratitude to the many many people that supported our Kids’ Clutter events so passionately.

Thank you to every shopper who faithfully set their calendar reminders for each sale, and supported the events so generously.

Thank you to the sellers and donors who carefully gathered, tagged and delivered their children’s items that were ready to be used and loved by another family. Your efforts meant waste reduced, money saved, and smiles brightened.

Thank you to our dedicated volunteers. The generous donation of your time and skills meant that 100% of the proceeds raised at Kids’ Clutter events could be used directly where they were needed most- for funding and accommodation support for our precious YANA famililes.

And finally, thank you to our incredible Kids’ Clutter organizers, Tanya Del Bianco, Meghan Hunt, Judy Cryer, and Brenda Hunt. Your efforts, expertise, commitment and sheer roll-up-the-sleeves-and-get-er-done work have raised nearly $24,000 over the last 5 years for YANA families and have been an inspiration to us all.

You have ALL shown your immense love for YANA and the families we help through your support of this fundraiser. We are looking forward to joining forces with you again in support of our other fundraisers- The YANA Big Love Benefit, The Comox Bike Company YANA Ride, YANA Christmas Crackers, YANA Week in the Schools, and the countless community-led fundraisers that individuals and businesses host in support of YANA families each year.

With Love and Gratitude – YANA Board of Directors, Staff, and Kids’ Clutter Crew

Contact info@yanacomoxvalley.com or the YANA office at 250-871-0343 if you have questions.  If you’d like to join the YANA volunteer team to support future fundraising efforts, please see our Volunteer page and complete the YANA Volunteer Form. We’d love to welcome you on board!