Mission, Vision & Values

YANA’s mission was set in 1986, but vision and values were developed more recently over a series of meetings in 2014 and 2015.  The YANA Board of Directors and their two staff members worked with a facilitator to create a framework to guide the organization in future policy development, goal setting and strategic planning. This framework also serves to assist YANA in communicating with donors, clients and community partners.

Our Mission

You Are Not Alone (YANA) is a community organization that provides financial support and accommodation to Comox Valley families who need to travel to access medical care for a child or pregnant mother.

Our Vision

The following six vision statements describe the organization we work to become and inspire the ongoing development and refinement of our goals and objectives:


Community is at the heart of our organization. We seek new ways to strengthen connections, build understanding and celebrate relationships. YANA is a conduit of the incredible talents, creativity and generosity of others.


We are committed to facilitating equal opportunities for families to access quality medical care. We provide families with a clear, fair and respectful process to access our services.


Respect for the unique needs, values and choices of the families in our community is central to everything we do. We respect the diversity and dignity of families and ensure they can focus on what is most important—the health of their children and the wellbeing of their family.


We are committed to active partnerships with organizations and agencies to improve services to families and ensure efficient use of valuable community resources.


We have a vibrant fundraising and donor program with clear guidelines that respect supporters and build trust in our community. We celebrate the generosity of our community and work to ensure our fundraising activities are sustainable.


YANA is a community leader that models good governance and celebrates the privilege of service. We dedicate time to strategic and succession planning and are committed to the long term well-being of our organization.

Our Values

Our values are centred around the following four themes and describe what we believe in:

Universal Access

• Respecting the choices of families
• Removing barriers to quality medical care

Keeping Families Together

• Easing challenges so that families can focus on their children
• Respecting that families are diverse

Our Community

• Fostering compassion and kindness in our community
• Being responsible trustees of profound generosity
• Connecting families with their caring community


• Serving our community with integrity
• Being joyful and celebrating our work

YANA - Vision and Values - October 10 2015