Get Support

YANA (You Are Not Alone) is a community organization that provides financial support and accommodation to Comox Valley families who need to travel for medical treatment for a child or for a pregnant mother.

If you and your child have already left the Comox Valley under emergency circumstances, please contact us for help with accommodation and funding.

What can we do?


The funding that YANA provides helps to cover some of the extra expenses that your family incurs during travel and your time away from home.  Typically, funding is used to help cover the costs of gas, food, ferry fares, and parking.  Whether it is a day trip for an appointment or a longer stay, YANA funding is available to Comox Valley families with a child or pregnant mother whose primary residence is within School District 71.  Funding amounts are based on the location and duration of your medical treatment.  If overnight stays are required, we can also provide access to accommodation in Vancouver, Victoria or wherever else you need to travel.

What if I’m leaving directly from the Comox Valley Hospital?

If you have to leave the Comox Valley directly from the local hospital, nursing staff will give you an envelope with some emergency funds and a letter from YANA, inviting you to get in touch when you’ve reached your treatment destination.

If you and your child have already left the Comox Valley under emergency circumstances, please contact us. We will make arrangements to complete the intake process over the phone and together we can explore how we can help you.

Who do we help?

We help families who live within School District 71 and have a child under 19 who requires medical services away from home and whose primary residence is within our jurisdiction.  We also assist pregnant mothers residing within School District 71 who require medical services away from home.

How were we established?

YANA was started by Sandra Williams in 1986 after experiencing the financial and emotional devastation of having a very sick child who required treatment for many months in Vancouver. Since then, thousands of people have given time and money to ease the burden for Comox Valley families whose children require medical services away from home.

What are our goals?

  • We want to ensure the Comox Valley community can access the best medical care for their children;
  • We want to reduce the financial and logistical burden of medical-related travel and being away from home;
  • We want to assist with accommodations when overnight stays are required;
  • We want you to feel supported by your community;
  • We want to keep your family together and connected during stressful times;
  • We want to provide care for your whole family so that you can focus on helping your child get better.

You are not alone.  Your community is behind you.