Denman Hornby Connector

The Denman Hornby Connector for Expecting Mothers helps families cover the accommodation expenses incurred due to the necessity of temporary relocation to the Comox Valley, in order to be closer to maternity care and the Hospital in the weeks surrounding their baby’s birth.

Like all Comox Valley families, residents of Denman and Hornby Island are eligible for our regular program when out-of-region healthcare is needed for children or expecting mothers.

Similarly, when a child from Denman or Hornby Island requires overnight medical care at the Comox Valley hospital, families are eligible for support through YANA’s regular program. Contact us for more information.

Eligibility Requirements for Denman Hornby Connector for Expecting Mothers

– Application is for a pregnant mother and her immediate family

– Pregnant mother is a resident of Denman or Hornby Island

– Pregnancy care provider has verified the pregnant mother’s need to be near the hospital

– The maximum funding of $1,000 per birth has not been exceeded

– Application form is complete and all necessary supporting documentation is included

Application Process

Please download our application form, print and fill it in. It can be mailed or emailed to YANA and we will follow up. Alternatively, call or drop by the office and we’ll make arrangements to complete the application together.

We aim to review and approve applications as quickly as possible once an application with all its supporting documentation has been received. Funds for approved applications are dispersed two weeks before the date you intend to be away from home. This new program is meant to ease the financial burden for families but does not necessarily cover all expenses. We appreciate your understanding of these program parameters.

Program History

In response to learning about the unique needs faced by Denman and Hornby residents due to the remote aspect of the islands and challenges related to accessibility, YANA implemented a pilot program on June 1, 2016. The pilot ran for a year with seven cases supported: five related to birth, two related to sick infants. We received excellent feedback about the pilot program from Comox Valley healthcare workers and from the clients we supported. The YANA Board of Directors approved the program as an ongoing service to Denman and Hornby residents July 6, 2017 according to new program parameters and will continue to evaluate the relevance of the program and YANA’s ability to offer it.