Thank you for considering YANA as a beneficiary of your fundraising activities. Community-led fundraisers are very significant to fulfilling YANA’s annual financial needs.

A community-led fundraiser is an event, project or sale organized by an individual, business, group or organization with full or partial proceeds going to YANA. They are typically led by community members with little involvement from YANA staff or the Board of Directors.

Community-led fundraisers enable community members in the Comox Valley to directly support YANA families in a creative and fun way.

YANA gratefully accepts donations from small events such as birthday parties or car washes to large events such as public choir performances or Christmas tree auctions. Check out some recent examples of community-led fundraisers.

We’ve put together some helpful information about leading your own event and have logos available for approved community-led events and campaigns.  Start by checking out the Planning Your Fundraiser page to get the ball rolling!

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.