YANA is generously upheld by the spirit and kindness of the Comox Valley. Check out what is going on and learn about amazing supportive efforts taking place within our community. We respect the privacy of our individual donors, as such this is a sampling of donations where public acknowledgement is appropriate.

Introducing our new Executive Director and staff team

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Look at the team we are building to ensure local families continue to receive support from their community when they need it most! Left to right: Dennyse Harris (Family Services), Kelly Barnie (Incoming Executive Director, August), Deanne McRae (Community Relations Coordinator), Joan McCaughey (Family Services) and Marcie Dumais (Outgoing Executive Director, September). Kelly Barnie brings a long history of work in non-profit leadership and community service to the team and we are thrilled that she will be our Executive Director come September. Feeling grateful and excited!

A grade 7 student thought of YANA and donated homemade colouring books leftover from her school entrepreneur project. We will offer them to YANA kids.  High fives to you!

The Kusam Klimb is an annual event in Sayward, BC.  The cheeky team that participated, known as Team “We Prefer Being On Top,” selected YANA as their charity of choice. Led by team captain Jennifer H, this team deserves to hear thanks all the way to the mountain tops!  Thank you!

Country Canine Care thought of us during their grand opening celebrations. They provided YANA with the opportunity to raise awareness and collect donations. Bark! Woof! P.S. That’s thanks in dog.

This is one of those cases of humanity for the win!  Thank you to our local RCMP.  A missing wallet was found and an reward was offered.  The kind soul who found it didn’t want the money and asked our local RCMP to donate it to a charity instead. We’re grateful they chose YANA!

Maximum-sized thanks goes to Max from the White Whale! This YANA champion raised some serious dollars from the recent Caesar competition at the Shellfish Festival.

The talents of artist Lisa Joan from Isla Life Designs knows no bounds!  She completed her Mama Bear live painting at the last Stag n Hare Market.  All proceeds from that auction of the painting went to YANA .  Big Bear hugs back to you, Lisa Joan!

High fives to Madison for thinking of YANA with her tasty freezie fundraiser!  We know she loves YANA and she knows kids love freezies. Great job!

Sincere thanks for including YANA in Maverick’s 1st birthday party and for marking this very special occasion with a generous donation through the Matching Gift Program at Investors Group.

Way to go Arbutus RV & Marine Sales!  There was a full team behind their YANA fundraising. It was the collective effort of the owner and staff, Keystone RV, and customer donations that made such a difference. Kudos to all of you!