YANA is generously upheld by the spirit and kindness of the Comox Valley. Check out what is going on and learn about amazing supportive efforts taking place within our community. We respect the privacy of our individual donors, as such this is a sampling of donations where public acknowledgement is appropriate.

If you’ve got it, Haunt it!  And the Haunted Hall of Horrors, created by the Wiseman Family, has been spooking residents for many years, with their creative graveyard, ghouls and other creepies.  They’ve been donating their proceeds to YANA for many years and we are always so grateful for their annual Spooktacular Support!

We’d like to acknowledge the amazing generosity of some local and not-so-local people… Taiga Building Products is a national company who believes that giving back to the community in which their employees live is a responsibility. They donate annually to many charities that get nominated by their employees and customers.  We’re incredibly grateful that Allan, at Central Builders-Home Hardware, nominated YANA to be one of the recipients of Taiga Building Products’ charitable donations.   Enormous thanks to Allan, Central Builders and Taiga Building Products!! 

There are many angels living in this Valley and today we’d like to say thank you to the ones belonging to St. Michael & All Angels Protestant Chapel.  Their continuing support of YANA through their annual donations are so meaningful to us.  We’re very grateful for you!

Thank you, Victorine, for your recent personal donation to YANA.  Your gift will enable us to help fund Comox Valley families who need to travel for the medical treatment of a child or pregnant mother.  We appreciate you!

Becky has been taking Dr. Henry’s advice to wear masks during COVID to heart.  She’s made hundreds of high quality, cute masks that she sells by donation to YANA.  Thank you Becky for choosing YANA to be the recipient of your hard work and generosity!

These are hard times for so many families.  Yet, some people are even more generous when things get tough.  Louise S is one of those inspirational, shining lights!  During the pandemic, Louise worked so much overtime that she had extra money to share.  From her hard-earned money, she decided to give a financial gift to YANA.  I don’t know about you, but I need a tissue!   From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Louise !

We may be closing in on winter, but we’re feeling blissful “States of Summer”, thanks to the generosity of this local business.  For 1 week in October, they donated $5 from every sale to YANA.  We appreciate you!

Thanks to the kids at Highland Secondary Interact Club,  the future looks bright!  We received a thoughtful donation from these amazing students with a simple note, “With Love”.   Awwww!  Sending gratitude to these fabulous kids and their equally fabulous teachers!

Huge thank you to Jocelin and Mosaic Forest Management for their recent donation to YANA.  This donation was made possible by a matching employee giving program.  We appreciate you thinking of us, Jocelin! 

Do you know a family that has been helped by YANA?  Last year YANA assisted 172 families with 433 medical trips!  Ruth, a local resident, has a dear friend who received YANA’s care and financial assistance this year.  She was moved to donate to YANA because we had helped someone she loves.  We adore these stories and are so touched by Ruth’s generosity.  Her contribution allows us to go ahead and help even more of our local families!