Supporter Stories

YANA has been upheld by the generosity, spirit and energy of the community members in the Comox Valley. We encourage our donors and volunteers to share their stories to demonstrate the strength of the YANA community and to inspire others to support us in unique and meaningful ways. Please contact us if you would like to share your story.

Joanne’s Story

Joanne and her family support YANA with an annual donation

Lifetime Union Bay resident Joanne knows firsthand the challenge of being a young mother, away from home, with a sick child.  Reflecting on her family’s experiences, Joanne states, “You are not alone. Those words mean a lot to me. My challenges now don’t mean anything,” she says. “I love YANA. I always have.” Joanne’s gift to YANA helps to continue a legacy of giving and the commitment to keeping families together during medical treatment away from home. Continue reading Joanne’s story. 

Arlene’s Story

Arlene supports YANA with a monthly donation through Canada Helps

In 2008, Arlene Juby received a phone call from her daughter asking her to come immediately to the hospital in Victoria. Her daughter and her granddaughter were travelling back from a trip to the mainland and though Arlene did not know why she was needed so urgently, she sensed the seriousness of the situation instantly. Continue reading Arlene’s story.

Jenny’s Story

Jenny cycles and fundraises for YANA through the Simon’s Cycles YANA Ride and annually donates a very special gift to auction through her business

At 20 years old I was flown by helicopter to Vancouver wearing nothing but a hospital robe. I was five months pregnant with my second child and was told that my kidneys were failing. I spent a very scary two months on bed rest until, at thirty-two weeks, they decided they could not wait any longer and had to deliver my little peanut. Isaiah was born at just three pounds and he was a miracle. I was told he would spend the next two months, at least, in hospital care, with most of that being in Vancouver. Continue reading Jenny’s story.

Darlene’s Story

Darlene is an active YANA Ambassador, volunteering at many events and at the YANA office


When I first moved to the Comox Valley I became acquainted with the founder of YANA, Sandra Williams, and worked with her daughter, Roberta, at school. I was asked to help for various events and with Christmas Crackers. It was a noble charity to embrace and I have loved being associated with the volunteers and members of the board. Our family was touched personally by YANA which has given me a deeper understanding of the blessing YANA is to the children and families of the Comox Valley. It is a pleasure to be given the opportunity to volunteer with YANA.

Patti’s Story

Patti partners with YANA to host the Simon’s Cycles YANA Ride, one of our top fundraising events

Supporting the ride was an easy, exciting choice for us at Simon’s Cycles. We love seeing people on bikes. We believe that cycling has positive impacts on community, health and the environment. Being able to combine these benefits with raising funds for YANA and having a fun family event was a perfect fit. Continue reading Patti’s story.

Bob’s Story

Bob supports YANA with gifts of service and his business hosts fundraisers for YANA

wells familyI began supporting YANA through my Rotary Club in 2003. However, when my wife was flown to Children’s Hospital in pre-term labour with our twins in 2007, I was amazed at how much support we received from YANA so that we could focus on our family. Once we returned home with our healthy babies, we chose to support YANA so that other families would have the same support we received. Continue reading Bob’s story.

Alexa’s Story

Alexa was an enthusiastic youth volunteer, championing fundraisers at her high school

Alexa bake saleI became involved with YANA when I was 16 after learning about the personal situation of a woman who worked at my school who has since become a friend. She shared her story of her daughter being sick and how she was supported by YANA. I was greatly impacted and knew right away that I wanted to support others in her situation. Continue reading Alexa’s story.

Marjan’s Story

Marjan was a board director and the lead organizer of a community fundraiser benefitting YANA

The resiliency of the children and families moves me and further strengthens by motivation to continue to donate to and support YANA. Continue reading Marjan’s story.