Maysa is a remarkably courageous 8 year old girl. She maintains a very positive perspective and loves to make people smile. Maysa is unique in another way; she has Cystic Fibrosis which has daily and lasting implications for her and her family.

Diagnosed at less than one month old, Maysa and her family have significant daily demands of therapy, medications and injections that are required. Her life also depends on proper dietary practices involving very strict requirements. She has regular appointments in Victoria and treatments in Vancouver. Maysa’s condition has involved increased complications in the last few years which further adds to the pressure on the family and further compromises her well-being. The family also has to take utmost precaution to avoid exposure to illness as Maysa’s health is vulnerable and the impacts of any illness is dangerous to her.

The impact this has on the family is immense and Cystic Fibrosis is an ongoing condition that will not go away. The emotional and financial stress is hard to comprehend and her parents have had to make big changes affecting their entire family. Fortunately, YANA has provided support to the family to cover accommodation and travel expenses. The support of the Comox Valley community enables YANA to stand by this family for each trip and YANA will continue to provide support and love to the family on an ongoing basis.

Maysa’s story was featured at the 2020 YANA Big Love Benefit. Karen joined Maysa and her parents at BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver for a  procedure to try and determine why she has ongoing lung inflammation. The 2 day trip turned into a 2 week trip with a follow up procedure required.

Photography and production courtesy of Karen McKinnon of McKinnon Photography.