Thank Yous

2018 Men’s Tillicum Open Tournament dates back to 1933.  Fun fact, it is one of the oldest golf tourneys in the country!  A big ‘shout out’ to all the guys behind this long running tourney.  We are thrilled that you turned to YANA to start a new fundraiser component to the tournament.  We are as happy as a hole in one!

A trifecta of awesome is what happens when you put three groups together who care for YANA and challenge one another to fund raise during a home project! So happy to share this collaborative effort from Comox Valley Curb Appeal Ltd., and the generous homeowners Duane & Janet from IG Private Wealth Gee, Gibson & Associates and the top up from the Investors Group Community Engagement program. Your yard rocks and so does the cheque for YANA!



Gladstone Brewery, Royston Nano Brewery and all of the Vancouver Island Cascadia Liquor Stores who were the outlet for the Love Potion NEVI IPA for YANA, ‘Thank you, thank you thank you!’  It’s not just beer, it’s love.  The Love Potion NEVI IPA was released and quickly sold out resulting in big dollars being raised for YANA and BC Children’s Hospital from this collaboration.


Thank you The Old House Hotel & Oh Spa staff from the bottom of our hearts! On behalf of our local families and pregnant mamas, we are so grateful for this yearly SUCCESS committee fundraiser. So much love your way ladies and gents!!!! It’s such a fun work initiative to have the option to wear denim or fun theme clothes on Fridays. We hope you inspire other work places to do the same!


Courtenay and Comox Return It Centers are such an easy, non-conventional way to give back to YANA. Donate your cans, bottles, and recycling and say you want it to go on YANA’s account. The value can really surprise you when you take it in! We were thrilled the last time we checked in!


Kudos go to the good people of Fall River Logging. They recently held a Golf Tourney through their Pay it Forward program. We sure do appreciate that you chose us at YANA!

Thank you Cameron for your act of kindness towards YANA!!  Your birthday celebration money was much appreciated!

We would never throw mud at The Comox Valley Potters Club and the Potters Place! These community minded artists spent lots of their time and talents on this long running $20 Chili Bowl fundraiser for YANA. Did you know 100% of the proceeds go to YANA Comox Valley from their Market Day event? Their neighbours Blue Spruce Ice Cream joined in the fun too by donating $3 ice cream tickets! Big messy sticky high fives to everyone!

Do you know who really rings our bells here at YANA? TELUS! They partnered with us and did a $25 donation for every Optik TV activation during their previous marketing campaign in the Comox Valley. They are a company that really cares about giving back to their community members. A large cheque was made for YANA families! Ring a ding, ding!

Big Kudos to Island BMW for hosting their first Annual Island BMW Motorrad Day up on Mount Washington. We were so thrilled that YANA Comox Valley was invited to be a part of this first time event! A cool $550 was raised. High fives all around (but not while driving your motorcycles -safety first people.)