Thank Yous

Heartfelt thanks goes to the Kiwanis Club of Courtenay for your donation in honour of Ric Kellows’ Walk for YANA, we are grateful!

We are very touched and honoured to have received a financial gift from the estate of Harold Roloff.  Here’s to you, Harold!  Thank you!

We’d like to recognize the British Columbia General Employees’ Union (Component 17) for their donation.   Their intent is to help support agencies due to hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Thank you so much!

We thank you, Royal Canadian Legion Br. 160, for your donation to YANA.  Your gift will help us to fund local families who need to travel for the medical treatment of a child or pregnant mother.

We would like to send our appreciation out to the Catholic Women’s League for their annual donation.  Their charitableness will allow us to help local Comox Valley families and we’re very grateful!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree – How lovely are thy branches! Tsolum River Truffula Tree Farm donated a percentage of their Christmas tree sales to YANA again this year!  We couldn’t do what we do without the regular support of our Comox Valley businesses, thank you!

Heartfelt thanks go out to IG Wealth Management, the Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation and the Rev David Madill and June Madill Fund for a generous grant awarded to YANA.  We appreciate the financial support tremendously!

A huge YANA thank you to Lois Thorlaciius on behalf of Live to Ride, who presented YANA with a grant-donation facilitated by the Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation. These funds will go directly back into the programs YANA offers to Comox Valley families, made possible by gifts like yours! 

No bowls were filled with chili this year, but we are enormously grateful to Potter’s Place for their in-lieu-of donation made to YANA. Here’s to full bowls and warm bellies for next year’s fundraiser! 

Julene M. found herself with 2 PS5 gaming systems and decided to sell one on Comox Valley 24hr bidding and donate the proceeds received over the purchase price to YANA. Thank you for supporting YANA!