Thank Yous

Wow, wow, wow! We are speechless (which doesn’t happen in our office often!!) Thank you doesn’t begin to explain the gratitude we have to William C. Your extremely generous donation will be put to use in supporting our YANA families! Because of people like you, we are able to say, “We got you!” in the darkest times! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

With a warm hug and thank you in hand to Donna L. for her very generous donation in honor of her son. Your story touched all our hearts in the office! We hope everyone lives life to the fullest as your son chose to do! Thank you for helping us stand alongside our YANA families!

Hip, Hip, Hooray! No matter the team you cheered for, this was a HUGE win for YANA! Thank you to Jerry S., Brian W., and Kim PF for their donations in honor of the NFL Superbowl! We hope your team won and you were able to celebrate the night away. If not, better luck next year!

Warm thanks to everyone at Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church for choosing YANA as their monthly charity of choice! We appreciate and recognize how many wonderful people are deserving of your monthly support. Thank YOU!

Major thanks to everyone who donated their recyclables to the Comox Return It Centre! “Recycling turns things into other things. Which is magic!” We appreciate everyone who takes the time to donate their recyclables to YANA!

Thank you Kathleen B. for your recent donation in honour of your neighbours family! It is so nice to hear and be apart of your story! Huge hugs to you!

Thank you to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 160 GAMING for their very generous donation! Your kind words of appreciation are something we deeply appreciate! Without the community support you provide we couldn’t keep doing what we do!

A very gracious thank you to the team at Swift Datoo LLP for their recent donation! Having businesses such as yours stand behind us is nothing short of amazing. We appreciate what you do for our community!

A huge thank you to long time YANA supporter Frank DeCarlo and all his friends who helped empty his car repair hobby shop by having an open garage sale before he moved. 
He told his friends to “Pick an envelope and put what you think the items are worth!” with all envelope proceeds to YANA!
Thanks to their hard work and generosity, Frank was able to make a meaningful contribution to YANA. Thank you, Frank and friends, for your support!

We are incredibly grateful for the generous donation from the employees at the City of Courtenay during their 2022 Charitable Giving fundraiser! Your support will go a long way with the families that we support. Thank you for taking the time to organize this fundraising campaign and for giving back to your community. Your kindness is greatly appreciated!