YANA Week in the Schools

Many schools within School District 71 plan events during a special week dedicated to YANA, raising awareness and funds. Some schools support YANA at other times of the year. Regardless when it takes place, YANA Week in the Schools is a time to celebrate kids helping kids and it is an opportunity to teach about social responsibility and to learn how YANA supports local children and their families. We can supply audiovisuals, print materials, guest speakers or student-centered volunteer activities to do as a group. Please contact us for more information if you would like to be involved.

Looking Back

In 2013, YANA partnered with School District 71 for the first annual YANA Week in the Schools. The primary goal was to raise awareness among students and faculty about YANA’s services.

The secondary goal was fundraising. Many schools jumped on board and the impact was incredible.  The week was launched with Croquet for YANA – Drive One For The Community at Mark Isfeld Secondary. During the week, thirteen other schools participated by having assemblies and fundraisers. Every year since, various schools around the district have embraced the tradition.

A heart-felt thank-you to School District 71 for supporting this initiative.