First Steps

Whether you are required to make one trip or many, our support is available throughout your medical journey. There are no maximums for YANA’s support; if your child requires medical services outside the community or you are pregnant and require out-of-town medical treatment, please contact us by email or by phone. The more time we have to plan with you, the better we are able to help you.

We will invite you to arrange a phone call or visit our office to complete the intake process. We do not have a waitlist and can usually connect with you within a time frame that accommodates your need. When you have your first phone call, or attend your first appointment you will find that the atmosphere is casual and relaxed. The entire intake process is very simple and takes approximately 15 minutes. All dealings with YANA are strictly confidential.

If you and your child have already left the Comox Valley under emergency circumstances, please contact us as soon as you get a chance. We will make arrangements to fulfill the intake requirements over the phone and together we can quickly explore how we are able to help you.

What should I bring?

  • Your child’s care card
  • Verification of your residential address (driver’s license or utility bill)
  • Confirmation of out-of-town medical appointment or treatment plan OR 
  • For trips off of Vancouver Island you may provide a photo or copy of your completed Travel Assistance Program (TAP). The TAP form is the pink form that you receive from your child’s physician. The TAP form covers the cost of ferry travel for your child, yourself as an escort and your car when traveling to and from appointments on the mainland. Please note that your child must be traveling with you to be eligible for TAP.

If you haven’t received a confirmation letter or a TAP form from your physician, we can begin the intake process and we will work together to gather the necessary documentation.

The YANA office is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 to 2:00 for drop-in appointments.  Email and voice messages are checked Monday through Friday.  Special appointments can be made outside regular drop-in hours.