Meet Penny.

Penny is a wonderfully sweet girl who loves to watch her sisters, Hanna, Genevieve, and Marlow. According to her sisters, she is someone who brings a lot of cuteness into their home. That is one of their favourite things about their little sister. Oh, and they love that her trache and medical equipment is “kinda cool”.

She is also someone with many needs, some of which are life-threatening, so she has a nurse every night and needs constant care from her parents. She requires ongoing medical therapies, treatments and appointments in Victoria and Vancouver, which are supported by YANA without fail. She is part of an incredible family, who are rooted not just in acceptance but gratitude for the gift of this little girl, and the support of the community. They are thankful that Penny is teaching them about compassion and being inclusive to people that have differences. Penny just brings more love into their family.

Penny’s story was first shared at the Big Love Benefit on February 25, 2022 where supporters in the Comox Valley and beyond came together virtually to raise an astounding $186,000 for local families.  Photography, production and presentation courtesy of Karen McKinnon of McKinnon Photography.