Alexa’s Story

I became involved with YANA when I was 16 after learning about the personal situation of a woman who worked at my school who has since become a friend. She shared her story of her daughter being sick and how she was supported by YANA. I was greatly impacted and knew right away that I wanted to support others in her situation.

Learning of this story really put things into perspective for me. My friend is one of the strongest people I know and I can’t believe she could get out of bed each day and have a smile on her face.

It became very clear about what I should be thankful for and I have been inspired to help.

Alexa bake saleYANA welcomed me with open arms as a volunteer. I felt like I was part of a family and was instilled with a sense of pride. As I got to know YANA more, I realized that the organization was truly about a community reaching out and helping one another: friends, families and neighbours. I decided I would give my time and effort to help make parents comfortable and to support them and they should not have to worry about bills and accommodations in times of need.

My most memorable moment with YANA was a bake sale we did at my school in memory of my friend’s daughter. It was a very proud moment to help keep her memory alive and my friend was so appreciative. I felt the bake sale also got the word out about what YANA does and I heard lots of stories from my peers about being helped or knowing someone who has been helped by YANA. I have also enjoyed volunteering at other events that raise money for YANA.

Supporting YANA is a priority for me. I would cancel my plans and do anything and everything I could to help YANA families. I love to make others happy and comfortable by helping out. I hope YANA is around forever.