Bob’s Story

I began supporting YANA through my Rotary Club in 2003. However, when my wife was flown to Children’s Hospital in pre-term labour with our twins in 2007, I was amazed at how much support we received from YANA so that we could focus on our family.

Between the trip to Vancouver and the 4 months we spent at Victoria General Hospital, YANA was always there offering assistance. Once we returned home with our healthy babies, we chose to support YANA so that other families would have the same support we received.

My Tech Guys supports YANA by taking every opportunity to raise funds and raise awareness. From open houses, smart phone charging tents as well as putting stories into our monthly newsletter that goes out to over 6000 people in the Comox Valley – we make sure people know we support YANA. We also provide technical support for the annual dinner gala so that sponsors have their logos and pictures scrolling on a large screen for most of the evening, music is playing and microphones are working well. We have also provided computers for the apartments in Vancouver for free or at cost with free support.