Jenny’s Story

At 20 years old I was flown by helicopter to Vancouver wearing nothing but a hospital robe. I was five months pregnant with my second child and was told that my kidneys were failing. I spent a very scary two months on bed rest until, at thirty-two weeks, they decided they could not wait any longer and had to deliver my little peanut. Isaiah was born at just three pounds and he was a miracle. I was told he would spend the next two months, at least, in hospital care, with most of that being in Vancouver.

Two days after my son was born, hospital staff came in to inform me that I was being released from the hospital. They needed my room for someone else. My baby had to stay, of course, but I could not.

I had no money, no clothing, nowhere to go. As I sat crying in my hospital bed wondering what I was going to do, scared, emotionally and physically drained from the traumatic birth of my tiny bundle two days earlier, an angel walked in to my room. She told me she was from some mysterious organization called YANA and they were here to lend me an apartment for as long as I needed, two blocks from the hospital. She was going to give me some clothing, fill the fridge with food, basically she gave me the ability to spend the first two critical months with my son worry free.

This was a gift that I could never repay. This is why I love this organization and those who volunteer/donate to ensure that other families can have this priceless gift as well. Thank you.