Thank you to Meghan and Lee from Fruv for organizing a fun, fitness zumba fundraiser for YANA

Callie had a birthday party and she collected donations for YANA What a super nice thing to do!

Thank you to Philip for collecting donations for YANA at his birthday party. We sure are lucky that there are such caring kids in the Comox Valley!

Dylan raised money for YANA at her birthday party. What a sweetie. Thank you, Dylan!!

Thank you to the kids at Puntledge School who raised money for YANA as part of your ‘I Can’ initiative. We love to see kids helping kids… way to go!!

Thank you to all the fire fighters who installed smoke alarms and, in lieu of payment, suggested that home owners donate to YANA Thank you to the home owners who followed up with lovely cards and donations!

Thank you to the parishioners at Cumberland United Church for giving to YANA through your Birthday Collection.

Thank you to the Crumpler Family for facilitating a donation to YANA through the Christian Labour Association of Canada. You guys rock!

Thank you to Karen Pantuso who raised money for YANA by taking pictures of children with Santa over the holidays!

Thank you to our friends at Central Builders for thinking of YANA and making charitable giving part of your celebration!