A Fundraiser, A Volunteer, And A Very Nice Story

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Once upon a time there was a fundraiser called ‘Consignment For YANA’. It is this great, on-going idea initiated by a volunteer named Loretta Semple. She worked with consignment retailers to set up accounts so gently used clothing donations can be received directly at most stores and dedicated to YANA.  To make things easier for donors and retailers, she’s willing to receive clothing donations personally and take the items in to local consignment stores.  A couple times a year she collects the money and donates it to YANA.

We wanted to support Loretta with what she is doing by posting a story to our website. But then we started thinking about Loretta and all that she does for YANA and we realized that SHE is the story we want to tell.

2013Auction_LorettaPhotoboothLoretta came to the Comox Valley with her family in 1991 from Ontario and shortly after a brief health scare with her youngest daughter became involved with YANA. She started by volunteering at fundraisers and in 2006 joined the Board of Directors until 2012, assisting in guiding this grass roots organization to what it is today.

She is the kind of person who never seems to run out of energy, she is the kind of person whose spirit inspires the people around her, she is the kind of person who is like a fairy godmother to an organization like YANA. When we really need something, she appears at just the right moment, and waves her magic wand.

Currently her main focus is the ‘YANA Auction Committee’ and ‘Consignment for YANA’, but she still picks up the YANA cans, for coin donations, from various businesses around the Valley. In addition to this, she is a volunteer presence wherever she is needed.

2013Croquet_LorettaLoretta loves to dress up, be active, and be involved. She has three great children, all grown up and pursuing their own passions, and lives happily ever after in Comox with her husband, Dave, of 29 years.

We hope you enjoy these pictures of Loretta, we love having her on the YANA team!

To support Consignment for YANA, follow the ongoing fundraiser on Facebook.