YANA Week in the Schools!

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IMG_0780YANA Week in the Schools is set for next week, May 4 – 9, 2014. The week will kick-off with Croquet for YANA on Sunday, May 4th at Highland Secondary School from noon until 3pm.  Many schools plan events during the week that raise awareness and funds for YANA, though many other schools support YANA at other times of the year. Building a partnership between YANA and our local schools provides an opportunity to celebrate kids helping kids, to teach social responsibility and to inform staff and students about how YANA uses raised funds to help local families.

Some of the events scheduled to celebrate YANA week include:

  • Mark Isfeld’s Zumba for YANA on April 27th
  • A bake sale at Highland on May 1st
  • Croquet for YANA at Highland on May 4th
  • A garage sale at Miracle Beach Elementary on May 7th
  • A coin drive and bake sale at Puntledge Elementary on May 7th
  • The next monthly Hat Day at Valley View on May 9th (they have raised $400 already from previous months – well done!)
  • Principal (Kyle Timms) and teacher (Heather Freeland) from Courtenay Elementary are having their heads shaved for donations to YANA at an assembly on May 9th (photo below)
  • Aspen Park Elementary’s Hat Day on May 13th
  • Royston Elementary’s awareness assembly on May 14th
  • Queneesh Elementary’s skip-a-thon for YANA on May 15th
  • Vanier is having an Advisory Group Coin Drive and BBQ culminating on May 29th
  • Cumberland Elementary will be hosting a fun fair called Village Fest on June 4th

A heart-felt thank you to all of the staff and students that are participating in YANA Week in the Schools and to the schools who support YANA at other times of the year.

Check out the article in the Echo about Croquet for YANA.