We Really, Really Like This Guy!

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KellyRusk_2014Volunteer firefighter Lt. Kelly Rusk has been serving his community with Comox Fire Rescue for sixteen years, which is reason enough to love him, but we have more!

In 2010 he joined YANA’s Board of Directors and has been a dedicated and tireless volunteer ever since. Kelly is part of the Simon’s Cycles YANA Ride committee, he is active in all YANA fundraisers and, like a firefighter, jumps in wherever he is needed. From research to heavy lifting to arial event photography, from the top of a firetruck ladder, we love that we can always count on him.

Lt. Rusk also has an impressive sweet tooth. Luckily he’s very good at sharing and can be relied on to have something confectionary in hand on the frequent occasions he stops by the YANA office. This may be what we love most about him.

Kelly is a consultant with Investors Group and lives in Comox with his lovely wife Robbie and their adorable dog Johnny Rotten.