Meet YANA Big Love WestJet raffle winner Lana!

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What a magical winning moment!

Lana was in the house at the Florence Filberg Centre on Friday night at the 2019 Big Love Event when the winning name…HER name was called (note: winner did not need to be in attendance). And that was just the beginning, because this story is going to give you the feels!

In tears with the surprise of winning and all of the emotions of the night, Lana came to the edge of the stage to claim her prize. She asked to have the mic.

Nearly 400 event attendees and volunteers had just been introduced to an incredibly special YANA family through Karen McKinnon’s photo presentation. Touched by their story of challenge and resilience, Lana decided to pay it forward big BIG time. She announced that she wanted to donate the 2 Westjet tickets to little Kayden and Karris’s family! Lana multiplied this gift by adding in a stay at her family’s condo in Mexico. YANA board member Ashley joined the avalanche of generosity and offered to donate the additional 2 flights needed for the family of 4 to travel together if they could.

This story truly shows the profound feelings and actions of the night, and this community’s unbelievable support for YANA.

Congratulations Lana and thank you for creating a beautiful circle of giving!

And, of course, thank you to each and every volunteer who sold raffle tickets for us, and everyone who purchased a ticket!!

Photo credit:  Ali Roddam