2020 Comox Bike Co YANA Ride Supporters Achieve Unbelievable Results

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When you’re feeling unrest and uncertainty, and you’re not sure if anything will ever feel “normal” again…You Are Not Alone

When you choose to find light, to take action, big or small, to make things better, to choose positivity in every way you can …You Are Not Alone

When you hope that you or the ones you love will never need to contact YANA, but deeply feel the strength that comes with knowing that if the call has to be made, support will be provided without fail…You Are Not Alone

When you beam with massive personal and shared pride, that together we raised over $108,000 dollars for local families in need…You Are Not Alone

We’re collectively facing global challenges that separate and isolate us.  Take heart!  You are part of a community of supporters that stands together no matter what and has learned to flex, adjust and overcome. We have all had experiences and feelings these last few months not unlike what many YANA families face every day.  Uncertainty, fear, anxiety, loneliness…. But also strength, hope, love and support. 

Make no mistake, when our community comes together like this in such a huge way, under such troubling circumstances, we are showing our youngest, most treasured people, and everyone who loves them, that we care.  That we show up.  That we will forever promise them  – You Are Not Alone.

Thank you YANA riders, donors, sponsors, volunteers and supporters across the Comox Valley and beyond for jumping on board and achieving success that far surpassed our biggest, boldest dreams!