“Running North for YANA” – Jan Kotyk

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Blog entry 13: April 10th

I will not be running any further North. I was icing my creaky Achilles heel last night but woke up to shooting pain and swelling in that area. The rest of my body was ready to go, and the weather was looking good, but in the end it was an easy decision. I feel very fortunate to have run as far as I did, and appreciate all the help I had to get me there. The unofficial total is 203.86 km. I am not aware of the total funds raised as of yet but am grateful for any amount that was made. Thanks for following me on my journey, I will do one more post to wrap it all up in the next day or 2.

Blog entry 12: April 9th

Completed just over 60km today! Light rain for the most part, a small hail shower and even the sun made an apperance. Slower going through some sections, or so it felt but a good day out none the less. I have less than 40km left to go till Port McNeil (my unofficial end zone). I was able to talk to my wife as we had a small window of reception and even got a facetime in with Asher as I climbed a slow hill. It was the boost I needed.
Cleaned up and prepped for my final day tomorrow. A few new minor injuries will hopefully not slow me down.

Blog entry 11: April 9th

Took a slightly longer break in Woss. The lady Working the grocery store gave me a pear and said I should eat something healthy, this was after seeing what I bought for my journey. I explained I ha e only been eating healthy and this was some victory food, but I would eat the pear immediately. The weather got better and I headed back out. This was a tough section, I started to hit a bit of a wall and needed to walk a km or so. Got in the RV and had a solid 20 min nap before eating. Now it’s time to get dressed and get going again.

Blog entry 10:  April 9th, 2021

The snow continued and started coming down a lot harder. Just before the sign to Woss I was running through 1 inch slush. Luckily there wasn’t alot of traffic along that part of the route because I had to get as far over as I safely could to avoid being sprayed. I also got reception at about that point and received a call from my wife. It was so nice to hear her voice and have her cheering me on. It really helped to motivate me through the worst weather. We stopped at Woss to discuss our next move, the snow is still coming down in huge flakes but not sticking so we will probably push on. 33 km done so far.

Blog Entry 9: April 9th, 2021

Woke at 5 feeling good despite a restless night. Left right at 6am on the nose. Had to walk/hobble the first km as my knee was giving me some grief. After the first 6 km I was feeling pretty good. Then it snowed for the next 10ish kms. The snow didn’t bother me but once it turned to rain I found it much colder. Stopped at the turn off for Mt. Cain having done just over 22 km’s.

Blog Entry 8

Finished the day just before 7 pm, and managed 67km. Saw another elk having an evening snack. Jared kept me fueled and motivated me to go a little further when I was getting a bit discouraged. A 20 min nap before my last segment also helped change my outlook and give me a little extra push. So many people honking, waving and cheering made the arduous km’s that much easier.

We found a nice free campsite and are making a meal before checking out the river (maybe a dip before bed)

Blog Entry 7: April 8th, 2021

Another 15 km checked off. My pace is definitely slowing, and my body is feeling less spry since the beginning. One big blister,  pretty tight calf and hamstring muscles and a sore shoulder. The weather has been slightly over cast and a bit of a headwind to run against. Jared has been keeping me well fed, and my spirits up. He has planned perfect rest stops for us along the way.
I will put a few more km’s in before its time to turn in for the day.

Blog Entry 6

This last stretch was a doozy, only did 13. 3km, but it was also the beginning to the Sayward Canyon hill. My pace was much slower but I know once I am done it I get to go down hill.

Lots of stretching and delicious food.

Blog Entry 5: April 8th, 2021

Woke at 5:15, did some stretches and ate breakfast. Started running by 6am. Frosty morning with new snow on the mountains. Sun and blue skies were a welcome surprise. While running I woke a herd of elk sleeping in a cut block about 30 feet from. They got up and scampered along side the road before crossing it. I ran 24.38km for the first stretch.

Blog Entry 4

Left the RV and headed out on slightly sore legs. The weather has been cooperating (still raining but light).

I ended up doing a few extra km’s by accident going down a logging road looking for a lake. Didn’t ever get to it. I finished the day at just after 6pm at a rest stop, completing 76.16k. I wanted to make 80 but the rain started coming down hard. As we looked for a camp spot it was hailing. Found a lake to camp for free, we each jumped in to properly end the day. Prepped for tomorrow, now time to eat.

Blog Entry 3: April 7th, 2021

Although I didn’t get my stretch or soak last night, I did get a jog with my dogs and a cuddle with my family before bed. At 6:00am I kissed my family, pulled the garbage to the curb (still have to do my jobs) and headed north. A few glowing eyes in the fields watched me as I left onto highway 19a. I made it to Oyster River at 8:22, took a quick break and back on the road. My next break is just outside Campbell River. I made it 45km by 12:00. I was surprised to see that my wife and son and driven up to cheer me on. Having some food now and heading out again Soo.

Blog Entry 2: April 6th, 2021

Last minute prep, and lots of hydrating. Getting the last groceries and making sure everything that needs batteries has batteries. Planning on stretching, a soak and an early night for optimum rest. Super excited to start running tomorrow morning.

Blog Entry 1: April 5th, 2021

I am getting all my gear sorted and ready to pack in Jared’s RV. My wife Erin is making delicious energy bars to keep me fueled during my run. I have been informed that donations have already came through in support of my fundraiser and I am getting very excited to get started. Two days till I Run North!