Balfe Martin Private Wealth RBC Matching Campaign

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Balfe Martin Private Wealth of RBC Dominion Securities is making the most of the Comox Bike Co YANA Ride fundraiser by offering to double ALL donations over $100 from July 5-15! 

The goal is to raise 10 grand in 10 days for Comox Valley families in need. As well, Balfe Martin Private Wealth is also doubling ALL donations that are shared via Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #ComoxBikeCoYANARide! 

YANA is a local non-profit organization that works to improve health care access for Comox families by providing accommodation and travel support to children under 19 and pregnant mothers. By doubling your donation over these 10 days, you can help YANA go that extra mile for those in need of their support. 

Registration donations and pledges to riders all count for the matching contribution, so visit to double your donation today!