Extraordinary total for 2023 YANA Ride

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“A lot of people could do what I’m doing. When you have somebody to ride for, and a great cause like YANA, those are the things that really drive me.”

Our top fundraising rider this year didn’t feel like he was doing anything outrageously special.  He knew he wanted to support YANA, and he came up with a personal plan to do what he could. One person doing their own thing might be somewhat ordinary, but when a community says, “Yes! I know how I can help,” the results are extraordinary. 

57 volunteers and 56 sponsors & prize donors laid the groundwork for 248 dedicated riders to chart-their-own-course in this year’s Comox Bike Co. YANA Ride fundraiser. 

Thousands of supporters made a pledge towards their efforts, bought draw tickets and gear, bid on auction items or had a blast at the Party in the Park. No two people helped in exactly the same way, but the impact of SO many people doing what they personally could was exponential. 

Friends, together we raised ONE HUNDRED TWELVE THOUSAND record-breaking dollars for YANA families! $112,000!!!!

Thank you to everyone who helped in whatever way that you could so that we’re able to keep helping families the way that we can!