Big Love 2024 – Simply Spectacular

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Comox Valley, you are definitive proof that love knows no bounds! The Big Love 2024 event was nothing short of spectacular, and we are overjoyed to share that, together, we raised an unbelievable $232,000 for YANA families. 


“Incredible. I honestly don’t know how to explain how grateful we are for everything you’ve done for us.”

“I can’t properly express just how much it means to have this support.”

“We are forever grateful for your help and support. You have no idea how much we appreciate everything you have done. You are all simply amazing.” 


We have the honour of hearing our families tell us about the impact YANA has made in their lives. 

We have the privilege of providing the support they need because of your monumental generosity. 

We count our blessings, and we are so grateful to count on you. The YANA community is exceptional, and it’s your dedication that makes it so. From the bottom of our very full hearts, we extend our deepest appreciation to every single YANA supporter far and wide.

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