Happy 5th birthday, Olive! We love your funny faces and your big heart.

Seeing youth contributing to their community means the world to us! A big shout-out to this year’s grad class at Mark Isfeld for their fundraising efforts and to Brenda Hunt for guiding their work.

We were thrilled to be part of School District 71’s Jamboree Trackmeet! Thank you to the elementary school principals who hosted a dunk tank for YANA. Some good, wet fun translated into support for YANA kids!

Our thanks to the Cumberland Seniors who donated to YANA in support of local families.

Faith celebrated her 8th birthday with a toonie party and YANA was fortunate to receive some of this birthday love. Thanks, Faith!

“In honour of our son’s 1st birthday we want to help others have a healthy 1st birthday, too.” Thank you to the Roman family for their donation and their beautiful intention.

Big thanks to YANA President, Kelly Rusk, and Vice President, Kate Berg!  They recently gave a weekend of their time to travel to Vancouver and did all kinds of work in the YANA apartments in conjunction with a grant received from the City of Courtenay.  Thanks for ensuring our apartments continue to be well-equipped and comfy for YANA families!

Charlie donated a portion of his entrepreneur fair earnings to YANA in support of local kids needing medical care away from home. We love your talent and your big heart, Chuck! Thank you!

New Community Relations Coordinator for YANA

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Looks like a great fit!

We don’t have a torch to pass but we do have a well-loved shirt and we’re thrilled Deanne McRae will be wearing it and joining YANA as our new Community Relations Coordinator.

Deanne and Ocean Varney will work together for a couple weeks with Deanne starting in her full capacity at the end of May.

Welcome, Deanne! We’re so pleased you’re part of our team.

Big thanks to “our” Tech Guys who recently collected ipads for YANA and a huge shout-out to Bob Wells who traveled to our Vancouver apartments to ensure everything is fully functioning. Thanks for ensuring our families have the comforts of connection and entertainment!