We enjoyed being part of the InCON Gaming Convention. Thank you for including us!

Our sincere appreciation to the Comox Valley Pool League for their commitment to helping local families through their annual donation.

Happy birthday, Matteo! Thank you for including YANA in your birthday celebration.

Our gratitude to Doug and to all participants in the Hillbilly Masters Golf Tournament who include YANA in their fun each year.

Hillbilly's Masters Golf Championship winner's jacket

Big thanks to everyone who made our Spring Kids’ Clutter Sale such a success. Special acknowledgement to Tanya Del Bianco, Meghan Hunt, Judy Cryer, School District 71, Courtenay Elementary School, Coastal Transportation & Storage and the terrific volunteer team that supports this sale.

Our gratitude to the Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship.

Happy birthday, Josephine! Thank you for sharing your birthday money and making a positive difference in your community.

Thank you to Strathcona Sunrise Rotary Club for donating to YANA through the Bingo Account of Rotary.

Many thanks to Graeme and Sherri Lister from Rainforest Outdoor Living for hosting a chilli cook off with donations to YANA. Fun and yum had by all!

Graeme and Sherri Lister

Thank you and congratulations to Jack Boan who recited 808 digits of Pi and collected over $1,000 in pledges toward his effort. Big thanks to the donors that honoured his amazing talent!